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As an agent in Omaha, Nebraska with Better Homes and Garden – The Good Life Group, my real estate journey wasn’t handed to me through family, nor was it what I thought my life’s next chapter would be. My husband and I have been players in the market for almost two decades. Our first real financial loss was in 2008, when the recession hit our city of Las Vegas, and we owned a home as first-time home buyers. That was a sting. Fast forward to the market in 2021, we found ourselves again in the chaos of an unknown market in Southern California, where we had resided for the next 12 years. We sold high, it was chaotic and nerve wracking, and our agent who we were working with left the worst impression on me after it was all said and done. At the same time, we were purchasing another home, in another state, and getting ready to move our family across state lines. It was a lot. Emotionally, physically and financially.

After residing in Washington state for exactly one year before we decided to make the final, home-base move back to my home state of Nebraska, I had a front row seat to the buying, selling, real estate agent and client experience. I knew it was my calling to not only educate myself on the process further, but to guide and educate my future clients with one of the most exciting, yet biggest purchases they will make in their lifetime. Whether you have been down this road before or brand new first time in the market, with my experience and knowledge, I help guide you with ease and confidence every step of the way.

xo, chelisa

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