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It wasn’t hard to list 12 items that are in constant rotation and are major players in my life. Not only have I found the best facial oil thats changed my skincare routine, but items that keep me warm through the seasons, the perfect white T, my morning ritual coffee must have, the book that intellectually keeps me thinking and the ultimate juice that keeps me hydrated throughout the day.

Comment below some of your go-to’s. I always love to add to my list!

  1. Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee. I have been drinking this Mushroom Coffee for years and trust me when I say it sat in the cabinet for a good two months before I even touched it thinking it would taste like mushrooms, and I like mushrooms, but in my coffee?! Very brave of me! LOL. Guess what! It tastes like coffee but without the jitters. This is my go-to every morning for my first cup of coffee plus just google “benefits of mushrooms” and you’ll see for yourself.
  2. Mango’s Oversized Knitted Coat, purchased last year and still in rotation this winter. Love it’s warmth but not overly heavy! My absolute favorite and all time timeless wardrobe staple.
  3. Watermelon juice. There are so many benefits of watermelon juice! Just to name a few; helps control blood pressure, hydrates the body, keeps the kidneys healthy, improves mood and boosts energy levels. PLUS, low calorie and sugar content!! Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer
  4. This Jade stone from Primally Pure is one of 3 Gua Sha stones in my own rotation. Everything on their website is heaven!
  5. If you like to tap into your souls purpose and higher learning, then I highly recommend The Human Design.
  6. The Heal All Oil by Jesse Golden is an absolute staple in my skincare. I personally like to keep it minimal and all natural as natural can be, and this product right here checks all the boxes. Having very sensitive skin this oil has taken me through all the seasons with no breakouts!
  7. Having tried many yoga mats over the years I have to say Alo Yoga’s Warrior Mat is by far one of my favorites and one that has lasted through years of mat time. Use my Discount Code
  8. Adding a pop of color in my winter rotation with Free People’s Blend Scarf . Not usually a scarf person but this one is like a blanket around my neck. And if you don’t know, I don’t do the cold!
  9. Rel Beauty is the perfect lip moisturizer with a slight hint of color for everyday use. This has been a game changer to achieve that “I am super minimal today surviving on coffee and a prayer but hey I have some tint to my lips and feel put together” kind of vibe. Trust.
  10. It’s a toss up between the smell and the feel of Osea’s Moisturizing Body Oil that has me sold and already onto a second bottle. Use it everyday – every season!
  11. Always in search of the classic White T and I think I found it. Plus.. it’s under $20! Stock up!
  12. Free People’s Idle Hands Sling is an upgrade to your usual sling bag. The room this sling has is unmatched plus it comes in every color under the sun!

xo, chelisa

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